Doctor Who 50th and 800th

Why 2013 won’t just be the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who…

Doctor Who, as well as celebrating its “round number” anniversaries, (The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, and, err, Silver Nemesis and so on) has also used the story or episode count to blow its own trumpet (for more media coverage).

Story 150? Dragonfire, which was announced as such. (Though that meant counting Season 23 as more than one story.)

Story 200? The Planet of the Dead, the number of the bus in the story too.

500th episode? The Armageddon Factor episode 1. (Tom Baker was interviewed by Pebble Mill at One for this momentous occasion.)


600th episode? The King’s Demons episode 1. (The Radio Times made a thing of it.)

However the event of the broadcast of the 700th episode – Aliens of London – was overshadowed by the sheer novelty of Doctor Who being on television.

784 episodes already exist, and the next season (starting Autumn 2012 and ending sometime 2013) has 14 episodes announced – the next two episodes after that will mean the magic 800.

So, as “Steven Moffat hints at multiple Doctor Who 50th anniversary specials” – it could be a 50th anniversary special will also be the 800th episode!

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2 Responses to “Doctor Who 50th and 800th”

  1. A. Chapman Says:

    “Resurrection of the Daleks” was first broadcast as two 45 minute episodes instead of four 25 minute episodes as originally filmed. This was because of the 1984 Winter Olympics being shown on BBC One. So excluding the unfinished serial, “Shada”, listing Resurrection of the Daleks as the two-part format and including the 1996 TV movie, the 50th Anniversary Special, “The Day of the Doctor”, will be the 799th episode of Doctor Who. Therefore, Matt Smith will regenerate into Peter Capaldi in the show’s 800th episode, the 2013 Christmas Special. I wonder what the title will be. They should call it “The Eight Hundredth”.

    Oh, and not counting mini episodes either. Children in Need, Comic Relief, Proms etc.

    I know what you people are thinking. I find all of this a bit confusing too. If only Doctor Who had been running continuously through the 1990s instead of being cancelled in 1989, then making a one off return in 1996 as a TV movie before finally making its triumphant return in 2005. The series would probably be WAY over thousands of episodes by now. Who knows, we could have actually seen the infamous Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks.

    At least the 16 year hiatus did not prevent Doctor Who from being listed by Guinness World Records as the longest-running sci-fi TV show (and the most successful too).

    • A. Chapman Says:

      Well, the 2013 Christmas Special has been revealed. “The Time of the Doctor”. So much for “The Eight Hundredth”.

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