Torchwood 4.10: The Blood Line review


The Blood Line

(Ep10 of Torchwood Miracle Day)


Is this the final episode of Torchwood?


“The Blood Line” – as always, the clue’s in the episode title with Miracle Day. Jack’s blood, (now that Torchwood know it’s gravitating towards whatever is at that axis-point) is used to make a bee-line to where exactly in Shanghai they should be.

Gwen against the ultimate villain of the story, The Mother, is an interesting contrast as we saw Gwen as mother to Anwen at the very start of the season – each of these women have their families interests at heart.


Meanwhile, Rex and Esther are in Argentina, literally the other side of the world. (It’s slyly amusing that for a show that made a big thing of its dual setting of the USA and Wales would have its finale in two completely different parts of the globe.)


“The Blood Line” – Rex’s and Esther’s line of supply of Jack’s blood is seemingly closed as it’s destroyed by a blast, though it does give them a cover-story (they’re dead) to get closer to where they’re wanting to get to in Buenos Aires.

Just after the Three Families’s mole in the CIA had the end of his storyline, another popped up into this role, Charlotte (the previous episode). She lasts until the end of this episode but not before being part of the plot point which reveals Rex’s new status. Before all that, the line of the episode mean there’s a lot of blood on the screen: Rex’s blood; Jack’s blood.

The Villains

It’s that moment in the James Bond films which the main villain explains their plans, except this is Torchwood obviously. Remembering that this is Torchwood is how to enjoy this episode.

Torchwood is Science Fiction, but it’s also about big characters doing big melodramatic

The Science Fiction element of it, is, really, just right. “The Blessing” just is: the show amusingly suggests a number of different “explanations” for its origin, including the wider Doctor Who universe in its cheeky nods to the Racnoss and the

It’s not like this morphic field ideas came out of nowhere – Jack’s going on about it in the second episode, on the plane, and the PhiCorp logo amusingly has a diagram for everyone: of the world and its mysterious

The big characters doing big melodramatic things – the reveal of Rex having been “filled up” with a line of supply of Jack’s blood is very clever, and it’s a big melodramatic scene with them both streaming out blood across the axis of the world. It’s a thrlling spectacular finale which manages to wrap up the preceding plotlines in a largely satisfying

Jilly Kitzinger though acts as an exasperated jaded counterpoint to all these shouting people – Oswald Danes’s melodramatics


This is Torchwood so not all the main characters make it to the end of the season, though it’s a great scene as Kitzinger is cued up to be part of “Plan B” (whatever that might be).

Rex’s new status points up to new storylines too, and these big characters of Rex and Kitzinger would certainly be an entertaining prospect for any future season of Torcwhood starring the stalwarts Jack and Gwen.

So was Miracle Day as great as Torchwood Children of Earth? Considering that few television dramas are, it’s not a problem that the answer is “no”.

The answer is “yes” though if the question is can a transatlantic Torchwood be terrifically top TV.

Quantity-ratings (click here for guide to rating system):

Wordbuilding  World-mapWorld-mapWorld-map

Gore                Weevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chompWeevil-chomp

Dancing           Carys

Angst               Tear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizzaTear-stained-pizza

Aliens             Philoctetes

Episode Quality-rating: GrinGrinGrinGrinGrin5/5

The Top 10 Doctor Who monsters countdown concludes this weekend with number 1.

(The Blood Line on



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