Third Eye, Two Lands, One Christmas


Some thoughts about the half-season so far…

Just various thoughts on what is repeating across these stories. One recurring motif of last season was that of “the eye”. This continued with the Dalek story that began this season, with the Dalek eyestalks that adorned people’s foreheads.pic

I was surprised there didn’t seem to be a continuation for the Dinosaurs story, until I realised Indira’s bindi was symbolic of a “third eye”. (OK so this might not be something as obvious as the end of The Wedding of River Song but it is onscreen.)
This latest story also had a very subtle nod to Amy’s ongoing storyline when Neffy replied she, Neffy, was “Lady of the Two Lands”. I think that’s another motif which is going to continue, with the land of the TARDIS being one of Amy’s Lands.pic

One element of the Dinosaurs story which is effectively “the new Bad Wolf” was the Doctor saying “Christmas” again. A Town Called Mercy (from the BBC trailers) has the Doctor yakking on about Christmas again. Is Christmas going to be big for Doctor Who?


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