Doctor Who: The Making of The Gunslinger review


The Making of The Gunslinger


Voiceover: …began now, with an idea…

Doctor Who Season: S33 (Ep3’s prequel).
Story Number: n/a, though a prequel to 228.

Another iTunes-exclusive prequel…

Unlike the previous one though, it’s best watched after the actual episode. (The prequel for the Dalek story can be watched any time as it doesn’t really give any major inkling of how the plot unfolds of the main story, which can’t be said for this. Which is odd as it seems unlike the Dalek one, this prequel was released before broadcast of the main event.)


gunslinger reviewpicgunslinger reviewIt also differs from the previous iTunes prequel in that it doesn’t pose dizzying new questions, but rather just fills in a scene we’re told of when watching the main story, (the creation of the “Gunslingers”).

It’s slightly shorter than the previous sequel, though the short sequence is stylishly done, albeit very dark (in two senses of the word) for Doctor Who. There’s none of the humour provided by any appearance of the Doctor in this.

iTunes links for the first half of this current season which includes this prequel:

UK iTunes The Making of The Gunslinger

US iTunes The Making of The Gunslinger



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