The next 50 weeks, celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who

50 years

This Friday it’s the 49th anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who.

To celebrate that it’s now just over 50 weeks until the 50th anniversary, there will be a new blogpost each Wednesday about a Doctor Who calendar year (as an exception “Doctor Who 1963″ will be this Friday to coincide with the 49th anniversary), for 50 weeks…


Usually the focus will be the television programme Doctor Who (an episode or a story or a trilogy) though not always – sometimes because there was no Doctor Who broadcast that year!

(Before embarking on this endeavour it should be acknowledged the brilliant Mindless Ones blog has already started its celebrations, and is a third of the way through 50 years, link – though I can say there will not be much overlapping with the choices, An Unearthly Child and The Aztecs are two of the three of the Sixties that will be.)


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