Doctor Who: The Great Detective review


The Great Detective


Narrator: In London in the time of Queen Victoria, there were many tales of a remarkable personage known as the great detective…

Doctor Who Season: S33 (minisode, also it is the next story’s prequel).
Story Number: n/a, though minisode between 230 and 231.

Not the Sherlock crossover the world has been waiting for…


It’s a return of for three wildly popular characters from A Good Man Goes to War – Vastra, Jenny, and Strax. This vignette is an inversion of the opening scenes of that story, as they are the ones doing the coaxing.

The shocking reveal of this minisode is the Doctor’s countenance – his Scrooge-like expression is what prompts the viewer to expect a “Bah, humbug” in reaction to Jenny’s “Merry Christmas!”

The silent vanishing with no reply at all is even more un-Doctorish perhaps.

So quite a bleak midwinter minisode – there will be surely be more Christmas cheer to come…


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