Doctor Who: Vastra Investigates review


Vastra Investigates


Jenny: It’s starting to snow.

Doctor Who Season: S33 (the second of the next story’s prequels).
Story Number: n/a, though between 230 and 231.

Another prelude to Christmas…

The second of the “prequels” to The Snowmen and again starring the trio of Vastra and Jenny and Strax.

It’s a great couple of minutes that in its final scene acknowledges the status quo established by the previous minisode, that of the Doctor having retired from adventuring.

Before that though there’s a droll reinterpretation of the Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes dynamic, with Vastra again in the Sherlock role as the previous minisode.

The central joke though is on the attitudes of Victorian times, the Inspector’s flustered response to the one thing that he doesn’t remain unfazed by, though it’s a myth that Queen Victoria herself refused to believe “such things”[1].

Next on the blog – on Boxing Day – “Doctor Who 1968…”, another Patrick Troughton story. The actual Christmas Doctor Who story for 2013 – The Snowmen – will be reviewed on the blog in the next few days.


(Vastra Investigates on



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