Doctor Who 1968: The Invasion

1968 – the year Swinging London film Joanna was released, this being the third year the city had been swinging since TIME magazine declared it to be so.


This is… The 8-episode serial in which the Cybermen march down the steps in front of St Paul’s, London, and two of those episodes have been animated.


After the man who had most crafted the Troughton era so far, Innes Lloyd, had left, his story editor took over the role of producer at the start of 1968. The producer-and-story-editor duo for the first half of 1968 (and the second half of Doctor Who production block number five) were Peter Bryant and Derrick Sherwin – their first story being London-invasion serial The Web of Fear.

picpicTerrance Dicks took over as story editor for this story The Invasion (while Bryant stayed at the helm), the first serial of the sixth production block (while departing editor Sherwin wrote the script) and said – this is on The Invasion DVD “making of” documentary – of that duo:

The script situation on Who was chaotic, you know, I mean, there weren’t enough scripts in, there weren’t scripts coming in.

They had a habit – both of them – of going so far with an idea and then deciding they didn’t like it after all and cancelling it, which meant you hadn’t got any scripts, you know.

So we were in quite a predicament, you know, for most of the time.

Broadcasts: 8 episodes on 8 Saturdays of November and December 1968, 18:15 on BBC One.

World of Fandom: The 2009 DWM readers’ poll of 200 stories – the ranking of this cybermen story: #31. (Slightly below Tomb of the Cybermen then.)


On Doctor Who: The Invasion DVD


(The Invasion on


Next Wednesday – Doctor Who 1969…


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