Season 4 of Eighth Doctor & Lucie on BBC Radio 4 Extra

More Doctor Who on the BBC for 2013…


Season 4 (Eighth Doctor & Lucie) starts Monday 07 Jan 2013 on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

This season is 10 episodes, each episode is 60 minutes, time of episode-broadcast each day: 6pm then midnight for the repeat. Daily.

picDeath in Blackpool 07 Jan 2013
Next episode 08 Jan 2013
Nevermore 09 Jan 2013
The Book of Kells 10 Jan 2013
Deimos 11 Jan 2013

Then the Monday to Friday after, quite probably:

The Resurrection of Mars
Relative Dimensions
Prisoner of the Sun

Episode 9
Episode 10

Listen again online, for up to 7 days after broadcast, click here.

The BBC seems to be broadcasting the whole season – brilliant! (They only broadcast half of Season 3.)

It’s great – for reasons that won’t be mentioned as they are story-surprises – that this has a 2013 broadcast, let’s just say it celebrates the whole 50 years of Doctor Who. This blog will be tuning in as it hasn’t heard it yet.


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