Doctor Who 1980: The E-Space Trilogy

1980 – the year that Roxy Music released the album Flesh + Blood.


This is… A trilogy of three 4-episode serials in which the TARDIS and her crew are lost in E-Space.

c18-03-503 pic pic pic pic c18-04-505 pic c18-05-507 picBroadcasts: 12 episodes total, broadcast began 25 Oct 1980 and ended 24 Jan 1981. 17:40 or 17:10, BBC One.

Full Circle repeated August 1981 as part of the Doctor Who summer repeats.

World of Fandom: The 2009 DWM readers’ poll of 200 stories – rankings:

#101 – Full Circle.
#87 – State of Decay.
#81 – Warriors’ Gate.

Product: On Doctor Who: The E-Space Trilogy DVD boxset.

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