Doctor Who Proms 2013

The Doctor Who Proms of 2013 and what will be broadcast by the BBC later today…


Prom 2: Doctor Who Prom (Saturday 13th July 7.30pm – c9.45pm) – this Prom will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3.

Prom 3: Doctor Who Prom (Sunday 14th July 10.30am – c12.45pm).

BBC Radio 3 Saturday schedule, links should include iPlayer after broadcast:

19:30 – Doctor Who Prom 2013, Prom 2 Episode 1 of 2

20:30 – The Soundworld of Doctor Who

20:50 – Doctor Who Prom 2013, Prom 2 Episode 2 of 2

Also, some of these Proms will be “Recorded for broadcast on BBC One” (day to be confirmed).

A repeat on BBC Radio 3 – “This Prom will be repeated on Tuesday 16th July at 2pm”.

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