Celebrating Season 5


What Doctor Who Season 5 means to me.

This blog has existed since 2007, and during 2009, thinking it would be good to tweet my thoughts on the seven Classic Doctor Who seasons I would eventually be blogging, I joined Twitter.pic

My second tweet was this:

It was tweeted with the same The Web of Fear avatar that I use today.



Eventually these tweets became the reviews of Season 5, (link).

The idea was, one season for each Classic Doctor, (and the TV Movie).

I chose Season 5 (for the Second Doctor) as it is thought of as one of the greatest seasons, even though (before October 2013!) there was only one complete-with-no-lost-episodes serial.

Also, blogging a season that was largely missing was an interesting idea.

When the year was 2009, both Season 4 and Season 5 were largely missing: Season 4, nine episodes were not lost, and of Season 5 – while The Tomb of the Cybermen existed as a complete serial, only nine other episodes not lost.

No Doctor Who story is wholly lost however, thanks to the audiotapes of Sixties fans, Cura’s tele-snaps and the Target novelisations, and thanks to the various reconstructions (recons) made by fans, and the BBC DVD of the now-with-animation The Ice Warriors.

What Season 5 means to me – it was the first whole Troughton season I “watched”, (thanks to some excellent fan recons), and obviously I liked it a lot as I’ve kept the same Twitter avatar since 2009!

This 50th year of Doctor Who is fantastic for Season 5 as it is now substantially more complete, with the recovery of The Enemy of the World and five-sixths of The Web of Fear!

Four mainly-complete-or-complete serials (of seven, so now more than half, astonishing!) when once there were only two.

The idea of re-watching Season 5 is absolutely brilliant.


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