Nine Plus Ten: Rose

Ten years since Doctor Who returned to television screens, with the Ninth Doctor…


Ten things about Rose. (The episode.)

1. The turn of the Earth. A magical scene that somehow conjures this atmosphere from pure science and the everyday.


2. “Fantastic!”

3. The close-ups of hand-holding – the heroic duo are brought together – used in moments of stillness, and for frantic running too.

4. How the Doctor and Rose are introduced to each other – dynamically, and immediately they’re running down a corridor.


5. Clive’s appearance in the story as a nod to the fans that already know all about this Doctor fellow.

oe-036. The burping bin – a reminder that this ain’t some sort of “grim reimagining” of Doctor Who but the same television programme it has always been.

7. The introduction of Jackie Tyler – she and the Ninth Doctor are both no-nonsense but in completely different ways.

8. The introduction of a spectacular new TARDIS console room.


9. The idea that companions can save the day too.


10. Rose’s complete joy.


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