Endings and Beginnings

Change is the only constant…


This blog has already thought upon the wisdom of closing BBC Three as a linear broadcast channel.

On Tuesday 16 February, BBC Three will become “online first”, with its longform content (“BBC Three originals”) then broadcast on the other BBC channels.

BBC Three is relevant to this blog’s main concerns (Doctor Who & its now-ended spin-off Torchwood) for a variety of reasons, one of them extremely topical.

(Please note that the 2015 season of Doctor Who is still being reviewed – a natural break has occurred as we’ve reviewed six episodes of the twelve-episode season. For a season so concerned with halves it seems appropriate to review the next six episodes – and the two consecutive Christmas Specials! – after a pause, as they really do require quite a lot of thought.)

The reason that Cyberwoman (a Torchwood episode, premiered on BBC Three) is pictured: writer Chris Chibnall has been announced as the successor-showrunner for Doctor Who.

However, the Moffat Era isn’t over yet, with another 12-episode season for 2017, (and the traditional Christmas celebrations). The Chibnall Era will begin – hopefully – with the futuristic-sounding 2018.

Doctor Who-esque BBC content for 2016 will be from BBC Three, a “BBC Three original”, Class, (with Patrick Ness as showrunner), eight 45-minute episodes.

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