The new companion

Introduced today, the new companion…


The trailer, titled “Friend from the Future” – though is it actually a minisode, counting as a new mini-episode of Doctor Who? – is fantastic:

Some thoughts:

1. First companion with an afro, about time.

2. Other companion echoes: “Wow” badge & denim jacket is quite Ace-esque, and the two-tone top is both Sixties & Eighties, recalling both Dodo & Tegan.

3. First non-white TARDIS team since 2007.

4. No change – the Doctor plus younger female companion is a formula which hasn’t really changed since the start of the Third Doctor era, with the exceptions of the Fifth Doctor’s “crowded TARDIS” and 2008.

5. Doctor Who seems to be “lighthearted fun” again after some (enjoyably) heavy seasons, but then again this is only one trailer/minisode.

6. Pearl Mackie the third consecutive main-companion actor to have wonderfully expressive eyes and eyebrows.

7. Great idea to introduce the companion with two minutes of actual Doctor Who!

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