Casting Doctor Who

It will soon be time for the TARDIS team to change again…


When the main cast changed for 20th Century Doctor Who, it was a reasonably newsy item for the UK papers and TV.
With 21st Century Doctor Who, the last time there was a new announcement of the casting of the role of the Doctor, it had its own television programme. This blog has already formed some thoughts on the casting of the new companion.

Peter Capaldi hasn’t gone yet, and there are still twelve Moffat-helmed Capaldi episodes from 15th April 2017 onwards, however both men will be gone for any episodes airing after. So there will be a change (Pearl Mackie as Bill) for 2017 and then another – big – change for the Chibnall-helmed season of episodes. (As big a change as that between 2009 and 2010.)

When and how will the Thirteenth Doctor be announced?

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