New Doctor Who 2017 season trailer

New trailer and it’s superb…


There was very nice previous trailer released after Christmas 2016 with some of the same moments and also, like this, a full minute long, however this new one really is fantastic.

Why is that? Suggested reasons – what this has that the other didn’t – look away now if you don’t want to read of the previewed glimpses of the new twelve-episode run:

1. Returning monsters & villain: Mondasian Cybermen and Missy and some sort of Ice Warrior?
2. An air of weird mystery: David Suchet with a tuning fork, “It’s time”; the young woman’s nonchalant “exterminate”. What?
3. The music: halfway through, the percussive electronica over “It’s time” – “Doctor!” – “Bring it”…
4. Most of all, it looks FUN, recalling the wide-eyed joy of 2005.

Doctor Who returns 15th April 2017, BBC One, with episode The Pilot.

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