Back and forward

It’s back and it’s about time…


This blog reviews new episodes of Doctor Who.

However, there are still some old 21st Century episodes it hasn’t reviewed yet.

Some time this year, those will be reviewed.

The traditional Moffat Episode Guide to upcoming Doctor Who was published yesterday in the pages of the Radio Times, and it’s a good read if you don’t mind some previews of the episodes’ plots.

From that, (as a non-plot preview), the writers for each, with the years of their last Doctor Who script for those other than The Moff:

1 The Moff
2 Frank Cottrell-Boyce, 2014
3 Sarah Dollard, 2015
4 Mike Bartlett, NEW
5 Jamie Mathieson, 2015
6 The Moff
7 Peter Harness, 2015 (and the Moff)
8 Toby Whithouse, 2015
9 Mark Gatiss, 2015
10 Rona Munro, 1989
11 The Moff
12 The Moff

Thumbs up from this blog for that list.

It’s Doctor Who time!

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