Doctor Who and the General Elections

Time to vote, again…


With the surprise dissolution of Parliament happening during the weeks of broadcast of this new season of Doctor Who – and the next general election over before this season! – it may seem like this is a highly unusual occurence.

The unexpected nature of it is, with the previous three general elections happening like clockwork every five years. However, 21st Century Doctor Who is curiously entwined with the general elections of the UK.

The first “series”, the one with the Ninth Doctor, began days before the dissolution of Parliament (2005), as did the fifth “series” five years later (2010).

Both seasons included a UK-democracy-themed story during April before the May polling day. (Aliens of London & the second half, then for 2010 The Beast Below.)

The general election of 2015 was over before the 2015 Doctor Who season started later that year, as the programme was now an Autumn event. (The result of that election meant the referendum of 2016 happened.)

Doctor Who returning to a “Spring schedule” means it can once again be part of this strange UK tradition.

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