Remember to vote

It’s time…


Polling stations will be open across the UK from 7am to 10pm on Thursday June 8th 2017.

We had been speaking of the surprise general election for this year, and democracy-themed Doctor Who stories of election-years past.

So was there nothing for this year? It’s arguable that The Lie of the Land was the equivalent this year.

Ever since 2016 – the year of Boris’s Bus with its Fake News – democracy (that is, a democractic choice with an informed public debate on the options) has been eroded across the UK and the USA. Theresa May called the election for the good of the Tory Party not for the good of the UK, despite what she says.

If you have a vote please use it. You don’t need a polling card to vote. The Tories are hoping you won’t vote.

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