6. The Fugitive

Thoughts on Doctor Who:
Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror
Fugitive of the Judoon
Can You Hear Me?


Praxeus is another story this season with an ecological theme. There are some rare character moments for Yaz though overall it’s not a satisfying episode. (The story includes another alien of this era that looks exactly human. Time Lords do, but RTD and Moffat realised this shouldn’t be the norm).

Can You Hear Me? actually has a huge character-arc storyline for Yaz. There is perhaps too much going on during this episode though, but it’s a very good story.

Tesla is comparable to a good solid mid-season episode from the RTD era: a celebrity historical with some clever themes woven tightly with the rest of the story. For the context of this era though, that means it’s automatically one of the better episodes.

Fugitive of the Judoon when it was broadcast was the best episode of the era for sure. (It might still be, but future episodes that elaborate on this plotline might change how we think of it).

The basic high-concept idea for the story is audacious. The realisation from the script to screen is brilliant.

It’s all building up to the awe-inspiring scene of the buried TARDIS though it manages to be really very funny too while it’s doing so.

Jo Martin and Jodie’s scenes together are electric. It’s such a massive moment for Doctor Who that Chibnall did some rare publicity – to say it’s not an alternative-universe storyline.

How he then develops this storyline is crucial. It’s arguably a bigger upheaval than anything RTD or Moffat have added to Doctor Who lore.

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