8. Halloween (Flux 1)

Thoughts on Doctor Who: Flux chapter 1…


The Halloween Apocalypse

That was a maximal episode. If a minimal summary of the plot was written it might be:

Dan & Diane love their city but a dog-man and the mysterious Swarm & Azure are converging on Liverpool – and they are divided from each other. (Other strange Liverpool happenings, the tunnels of 1820 and Claire & the Weeping Angel of 2021.) Vinder and, separately, the Sontarans observe the oncoming storm of the Flux: the Flux that the Doctor & Yaz with dog-man & Dan save the Earth from. The Flux seems about to engulf the TARDIS though, and… cliffhanger(s).

Even that minimal summary demonstrates that a lot is going on. Chibnall has managed to create 50 minutes that’s as hectic and excited as Jodie’s Doctor. All that is newly combined with the Doctor taking the lead of the action, with her motivation (unsaid to Yaz) to gather what knowledge she can of the Division.

The production design and costuming is brilliant, especially Swarm & Azure. Their scenes are chilling. The Doctor is now the main protagonist and she has her antagonist. The stage is set for the next five chapters.

An absolutely superb 50 minutes, some of the best of the era – full of joy and humour and action and chills.

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