9. War and Peace (Flux 2)

Thoughts on Doctor Who: Flux chapter 2…


War of the Sontarans

There are two traditional characteristics to include when writing for the Doctor that Chibnall has largely ignored – until Flux.

The first of those: across six decades of stories, the Doctor isn’t always in control of the situation – there wouldn’t be much drama if they always were – though traditionally they at least are formulating a plan and eventually have one, with bluster and tenacity until they do.

The second: the Doctor shows their apparent daftness and amiability has a core of calculating strength.

This latter characteristic was demonstrated, but not often, during the first two seasons of writing for Jodie’s Doctor – for example the scene of her confronting the Space Racist of Rosa.

The scenes this episode of the Doctor trashtalking with the Sontaran general have both of these characteristics: she has a plan, and she’s confidently making things happen – the Sontarans withdraw.

A Doctor that makes things happen and is confident during situations, it’s why Yaz has WWTDD on her palm.

Dan (and dog-man) get things done too.

With 60 minutes there is a lot going on – including a major plotstrand continued from last week of Swarm & Azure. That the Doctor is so unsure when confronting them emphasises the scale of this intriguing new villain.

The mixture of humour and chills continues and it’s another superb chapter of Flux.

One last thing, which is the thing that began the episode: the Doctor’s monochrome dream-sequence of the ghostly floating mansion was fascinating – another to-be-resolved plotstrand added to the whirl.

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