About this blog:

This is a blog reviewing Doctor Who, new and old. (And Torchwood.)



About Production Codes used on this blog:

For 2005 to 2013 –  the RTD era (four seasons) then the first three seasons of the Moffat era (the seasons with Matt Smith) – two sequences of Production Codes are used in the titles of reviews, to reflect that these two eras are their own narratives.


1.1 Rose (Begins Doctor Who Season 27, also RTD Season 1.)

1.1 The Eleventh Hour (Begins Doctor Who Season 31, also Moffat Season 1.)

(After 2013 the idea of Production Codes seems to be ignored by the production team – and so are not used by the blog for those stories.)

Classic stories (20th Century Doctor Who) also have Production Codes used by the production teams of the time e.g. The Tomb of the Cybermen – MM.


About “Story Codes” used on this blog:

Story Codes, for Classic Doctor Who, are an invention from this blog – these begin “C,” then Season number, then Serial number (these are used in the titles of reviews). e.g.

C5.1 The Tomb of the Cybermen


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