Saxon would almost be preferable

“The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain!”

Not quite but almost as bad (and it’s London rather than Great Britain)…

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Observer Book of Space

Free with today’s Observer newspaper, Observer Book of Space.  An excerpt:
“5 June 1961
Britain successfully launches an unmanned rocket, Blue Streak, from Australia
23 November 1963
First episode of the Doctor Who series airs in the UK”

From their website:
Click for link, text from end of article – “Observer Book of Space (free this Sunday): we look at the science behind space – black holes, dark matter, supernovae. Examine our ongoing exploration of the solar system, and what the future holds for manned missions to the Moon and beyond…”

There is not an online version of the book.  It’s a great 112 page paperback, available today only. The title on the cover is actually “TheObserver Book of SPACE” – no gap or space between “The” and “Observer”.

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Tommorow, Tuesday, on BBC2 at 7:30pm, in the final part of The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide – it’s called Other Worlds – Adam Hart-Davis presents… planets around other suns.

(Previously, planetzogblog has mentioned last week’s part – click here for link.)


From the BBC/OU article on tommorow’s programme: “We catch up with some amazing findings in our solar system and beyond and unveil the chances of finding another earth and, possibly, life elsewhere in the Cosmos.”

Hmmm.  Like a New Earth you might say.

(Click here for link to this BBC/OU article.)

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Supermassive black holes

This week on BBC2 there are a couple of factual programmes featuring black holes. (As seen on television’s Doctor Who’s The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.  Click on the Tenth Doctor on the right-hand-side column of planetzogblog for more on this black hole and its orbiting planet.)


Tonight, Tuesday, at 7:30pm, in part five of The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide, Adam Hart-Davis describes the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.

He also investigates the solar weather (featuring Gamma-Rays) of our own sun. As the BBC2 listings blurb for tonight’s programme says “…writhing magnetic fields that occasionally snap, releasing millions of tonnes of material towards earth that can disrupt communications and electricity supplies.”

That doesn’t mention helping to power Dalek Experiments-after-the-Final-Experiment though. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mars and beyond

Last week, Google introduced a new beta version of Google Earth called 4.2.

Features include being able to watch the skies (link) – the whole cosmos.

Although that is recent innovation, Google’s maps of the planet Mars have been around for a while.

However, here’s a specific link I’ve created to the Cydonia area of Mars – the real-life Pyramids of Mars (link).

Happy exploring!

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The recent Doctor Who episode 42 made a plot point out of the Doctor reaching close to absolute zero.



BBC4 tonight and tommorow has the story of the science behind this idea (link).

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