Doctor Who C10.5: The Green Death review


The Green DeathThe Green Death review

The Doctor: Metebelis 3, Jo? Or where else would you like to go? You choose for yourself.
Jo Grant: But I’ve only got ten minutes.
The Doctor: Jo, you’ve got all the time in the world… and all the space. I’m offering them to you.

Story Code: C10.5.
Production Code: TTT.
Story Number: 69.
Countdown week: 19…

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Doctor Who C10.4: Planet of the Daleks review


Planet of the DaleksPlanet of the Daleks review

Taron: In our legends there is a being, a figure from another planet who came to Skaro when the Thals were in their greatest peril. In something called a TARDIS. He had three companions.

Story Code: C10.4.
Production Code: SSS.
Story Number: 68.
Countdown week: 20…

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Doctor Who C10.3: Frontier in Space review


Frontier in Space reviewFrontier in Space review

The Master: Nobody could be more devoted to the cause of peace than I! As a commissioner of Earth’s Interplanetary Police, I have devoted my life to the cause of law and order; And law and order can only exist in a time of peace.
The Doctor: Are you feeling alright, old chap?

Story Code: C10.3.
Production Code: QQQ.
Story Number: 67.
Countdown week: 21…

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Doctor Who C10.2: Carnival of Monsters review

Carnival of MonstersCarnival of Monsters  review

Vorg: Our purpose is to amuse, simply to amuse… Nothing serious, nothing political.

Story Code: C10.2.
Production Code: PPP.
Story Number: 66.
Countdown week: 22…

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Doctor Who C10.1: The Three Doctors review


The Three DoctorsThe Three Doctors review

Third Doctor: Jo, it’s all quite simple – I am he and he is me!
Jo Grant: And we are all together, goo goo g’joob?
Second and Third Doctors: What?

Story Code: C10.1.
Production Code: RRR.
Story Number: 65.
Countdown week: 23…

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