Doctor Who showrunner Moffat says “I hope the Tories don’t win”

Talking to the Guardian newspaper, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat today describes his fears for the BBC and Doctor Who should the Tories win the 2010 general election – “I hope the Tories don’t win”.Moffat on Tories

“Can you imagine how shit everything would be?” he asks the Guardian in today’s interview, imagining a world without the BBC. Read the rest of this entry »


Matt Smith IS the Doctor (Doctor Who Magazine 417)

Matt Smith IS the Doctor! He is on the cover of DWM and everything… Read the rest of this entry »

Moffat on cover of Doctor Who Magazine 396?

Doctor Who French Maid Agenda: now on the DWM letters page!

Doctor Who Magazine 386 (the most recent one) features, on the letter pages, a letter titled “MAID TO PLEASE?”

From the letter:

“Have both the Tenth Doctor and the Master got a thing for women in maid outfits?… [The letter then details a list which was described previously on planetzogblog back in July (click for link) while adding Martha’s mother and sister.] …All I can say is this: can the Doctor please take Donna to France?”

n03-12-02.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

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Spoiler: Doctor Who Magazine 385, 2008 Season news

Following the previous entry which was about Doctor Who Magazine, speculation appears here in response to the very mild spoiler information about the 2008 Season, from Gallifrey Guardian, the bottom of page 5, and also RTD’s Production Notes on the last page.

However, the spoilers and speculation appear in a comment to this entry, so if you want to read this, click on the comments of this entry, or on the title of this entry.

(Any other spoiler information will appear on this blog in a similar way. Please note that once an episode has been broadcast, it will be described as normal.)

Martha – not going, okay?

dwm-385-martha.jpg Doctor Who Magazine number 385 appeared in newsagents today.

The cover is great and emphatically communicates “Martha is here to stay.”

(Also, other news on the bottom of page 5 is very interesting for the concerns of this blog… there is the title of one of the 2008 Season episodes, with other information, which you may, or may not, want to read about.)

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