Doctor Who 1.9: Cold Blood review


Cold BloodCold Blood review

The Doctor: Not got any celery, have you?

Production Code: 1.9.
Story Number: 209b.

A continuation of the story that is both worse and better than the previous part (oh and of course, don’t read this if you haven’t watched the story yet)…

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Doctor Who 1.2: The Beast Below review


The Beast BelowThe Beast Below review

Amy Pond: What are you gonna do?
The Doctor: What I always do: stay out of trouble… badly.

Production Code: 1.2.
Story Number: 204.

A story ultimately unlike any of the previous 203 – however, also very much a continuation of the RTD era…

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Doctor Who C23.1: The Trial of a Time Lord review


The Trial of a Time LordThe Trial of a Time Lord review

The Doctor: Matter disperses, coalesces, forms into other patterns, other worlds.

Story Code: C23.1.
Production Codes: 7A and 7B and 7C.
Story Number: 143.
Countdown week: 5…

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Doctor Who 4.12: The Stolen Earth review


The Stolen Earth pic

Jack: No. Oh, no!
Gwen: What is it? Who are they? Do you know them, Jack?!
Sarah Jane Smith: [whispers.] No.

Episode star rating:***** (out of a possible five)

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Doctor Who 4.3: Planet of the Ood review


Planet of the Ood

Donna: I dunno, it’s all sort of… I don’t even know what the word is! [pause] I’ve got the word: freezing.
The Doctor: Snow!

Episode star rating: **** (out of a possible five)

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Spoiler: Doctor Who Magazine 385, 2008 Season news

Following the previous entry which was about Doctor Who Magazine, speculation appears here in response to the very mild spoiler information about the 2008 Season, from Gallifrey Guardian, the bottom of page 5, and also RTD’s Production Notes on the last page.

However, the spoilers and speculation appear in a comment to this entry, so if you want to read this, click on the comments of this entry, or on the title of this entry.

(Any other spoiler information will appear on this blog in a similar way. Please note that once an episode has been broadcast, it will be described as normal.)