The Doctor Who election?

dwge02On election day (the polls close at 10pm tonight) the final General Election/Doctor Who article on the blog… Read the rest of this entry »


Peter Davison (with David Tennant) – Our Journey video – Election Broadcast

Today an Election Broadcast video from Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor of the programme Doctor Who) with (Tenth Doctor) David Tennant too…

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Eddie Izzard (with David Tennant) – Brilliant Britain video

Today a video from Eddie Izzard (with David Tennant too), explaing why Britain is brilliant…

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The Daleks of the Radio Times Election Special

The Beast Below cliffhangerThe Radio Times have (in their “Election Special”) unveiled the “new-look” Daleks before the next DW story Victory of the Daleks (read on if you are fine with knowing some of the plot before the broadcast…)

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Election Broadcast: Dr Who Jon Pertwee quoted by Sean plus Tennant, as Peter Davison declares support

Two former Doctors (of the programme Doctor Who) declared their support for who to vote for in the election yesterday, with the son of a third (The Third) doing likewise…

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Doctor Who showrunner Moffat says “I hope the Tories don’t win”

Talking to the Guardian newspaper, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat today describes his fears for the BBC and Doctor Who should the Tories win the 2010 general election – “I hope the Tories don’t win”.Moffat on Tories

“Can you imagine how shit everything would be?” he asks the Guardian in today’s interview, imagining a world without the BBC. Read the rest of this entry »