Doctor Who: Meanwhile in the TARDIS review


Meanwhile in the TARDISMeanwhile in the TARDIS review

Amy: There have been others travelling with you?
The Doctor: Yeah, sure. Loads of ’em, they’re just friends, y’know, chums, pals, mates, buddies – not mates – forget mates.
Amy: And out of all those friends how many, just out of curiosity, were girls?
The Doctor: Some of them I s’pose…

Doctor Who Season: Two scenes during S31.
Story Number: n/a, though – between 203 and 204; between 206 and 207.

Two scenes that are exclusive to the BBC disc versions (the DVD and Blu-ray) of the Doctor and Amy’s first season…

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Doctor Who 1.13: The Big Bang review


The Big BangThe Big Bang review

Onscreen title: PREVIOUSLY

Production Code: 1.13.
Story Number: 212b.

So now it’s clear why the William Hartnell version of the Doctor featured so much in this season…

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Doctor Who the 2010 season mysteries contemplated

The blog has already reviewed The Pandorica Opens (link to review), and all the rest of the episodes of this season, this is an attempt to summarise some of the clues across the season – episode by episode – and ponder the season-so-far as a whole, and what it may mean for the final ep of the season. Note that of course plot details of everything from The Eleventh Hour to The Pandorica Opens feature… Read the rest of this entry »

Doctor Who 1.12: The Pandorica Opens review


The Pandorica OpensThe Pandorica Opens review

River Song: I hate good wizards in fairytales; they always turn out to be him.

Production Code: 1.12.
Story Number: 212a.

In the tradition of River Song’s catchphrase – before reading the review of The Pandorica Opens, you should be aware it discusses (sometimes significant) plot details of several previous Classic DW and Nu-Who stories and maybe even a few films and books (as to which DW stories, films and books – described just after the jump). Just sayin’. The review opens…

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Doctor Who 1.11: The Lodger review


The LodgerThe Lodger review

The Doctor: Come on, Amy, I need hints on how to be a normal bloke!

Production Code: 1.11.
Story Number: 211.

A sitcom situation for Doctor Who featuring a different double act from previous weeks…

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Doctor Who 1.10: Vincent and the Doctor review


Vincent and the DoctorVincent and the Doctor review

The Doctor: Bow ties are cool.

Production Code: 1.10.
Story Number: 210.

A “celebrity historical” which has much more to it than that glib phrase suggests…

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Doctor Who 1.9: Cold Blood review


Cold BloodCold Blood review

The Doctor: Not got any celery, have you?

Production Code: 1.9.
Story Number: 209b.

A continuation of the story that is both worse and better than the previous part (oh and of course, don’t read this if you haven’t watched the story yet)…

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