Murray Gold, fan of Blake’s 7, Hitchhiker’s Guide!

I just watched the episode The Doctor’s Daughter. (A review will appear in another article here┬álater tonight.) [Update: review now up, click here for review.]

I was unsure whether there was a musical reference to Blake’s 7 when the Doctor teleported in The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky.

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The Oncoming (Electric) Storm

White Light/White Heat

Delia Derbyshire created the original version of the Doctor Who theme tune in August 1963, from Ron Grainer’s composition.

Ron Grainer was so impressed he tried to get a co-composer credit for her, but without success as the BBC would not agree.

Delia was also in a band in the sixties, White Noise – whose debut album was rereleased last week, (link to review).