Eccleston Season on BBC Three


A repeat of the 2005 Season begins tonight, 7pm, BBC Three, said today:

“Starting with Rose, the channel will screen all 13 episodes of the series, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, during the next few weeks.

It won’t be an uninterrupted run however, due to coverage of the Olympic Games, so be sure to check listings for full details.”

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Doctor Who 2008 Season: Campfire Trailer


Anyone else think the 2008 Season looks great?

The 2007 Season


Donna: Just promise me one thing. Find someone.
The Doctor: I don’t need anyone.
Donna: Yes, you do. Because sometimes, I think you need someone to stop you.

From the Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride, 3.X.

The idea of the companion influencing the Doctor’s behaviour is a theme that is continued throughout this season – the “companion effect” as this blog calls it. Please note the season has now been broadcast, so plot details will be discussed here…

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The 2006 Season

n02-00-01.jpg “Merry Christmas!”

After the enjoyable Pudsey Cutaway, The Christmas Invasion (2.X) was a great beginning to Tennant’s era.

With the first normal episode, the argument for introducing more “Planet Zogs” to the programme is weakened as the worst episode of Nu-Who so far – the incoherent New Earth – features one: the planet New Earth.

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The 2005 Season


Just as the Ninth Doctor scatters the pack of cards in the first episode Rose, 1.1, Russell T. Davies scatters our preconceptions of what the programme Doctor Who is.  With his leather jacket and iconoclastic accent, “Lots of planets have a North!”, this is a Doctor unlike any we have seen before.  And yet – the Ninth Doctor is still the Doctor, who shares the wide-eyed enthusiasm of his predecessors.

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